Our client engagement process centers around four distinct value propositions that bring small to medium sized businesses Fortune 500 level technology services and solutions at affordable prices.


The first step of any client engagement is to learn not only what your current technology is but more important what makes your company special. What is your culture? What are your goals? We consult and then we advise. Part of the process is where we engage as your outsourced fractional CTO. Part of it is where we oversee compliance matters. Only devices and mobile apps that you manage and are under your control will be able to access any corporate data. Nobody will ever be able to accidentally or intentionally leak or copy entire sets of company data.You will have visibility of who is doing what/when with your data, company computers and mobile devices in a way you never have had before. Everyone’s user account will be protected with multi-factor authentication.


Your technology transformation begins with migrating your technology infrastructure from existing servers that live in your office (“on premises legacy servers”) to servers that are owned, managed and maintained by best in world providers using best in world offsite data centers that are guaranteed to have 99.99% uptime availability. This is generically referred to as a “cloud based” and you connect to it via any internet connection anywhere in the world.

This transformation eliminates the costs associated with server upgrades, software licenses, systems to protect your servers and disaster recovery services. No more owning or leasing domain controller servers, file servers, email servers, backup / redundant servers or the networks to connect to them. All the data stored and software applications that were stored and running on these servers will also be migrated to the cloud.

Also, each of your employees will receive a virtual Windows desktop computer that always has the most current version of Windows running with the latest version of Microsoft Office software applications.

Virtual hosted desktops are available agnostic regarding the type of computer you are using to connect to

People running MacOS will have abilities to work productively and securely just like the people running Windows OS.


Even the best designed systems running the latest hardware and software need to monitored. Our persistent 24/7/365 monitoring service allows us to identify minor issues and correct them in real time. This is a grand departure from the traditional where your employees are the first to find problems and then they have to report them and wait from the be fixed. All your computers will be managed so that they are always running the latest build of Windows and Microsoft Office providing your team with the latest technology features upgrades and new security technology upgrades.

In addition to monitoring your systems we also provide support for your users to take full advantage of your technology. Our support includes Help Desk Support for all users on a 24/7/365 basis to make sure they are able to access their machines and software platforms to keep everyone productive. We also provide world-class training for your staff on the Microsoft Office suite of business productive software. This allows your staff to get the most out of Word, Excel, Teams, and other day-to-day software that knowledge workers use.


The finishing touch of our engagement model is collaborating with our clients as they seek to leverage technology as a tool to innovate their internal business processes and customer service offerings. Our custom software solutions are tailored to provide advanced and efficient solutions to keep our clients competitive. Our purpose-built technology solutions streamline business processes freeing up your team to focus on more important tasks that can help your business grow.

Another advantage of custom software is better data management such as tracking customer interactions, managing inventory, and analyzing sales data all in one place. This type of software will help you make better-informed decisions and improve your overall business strategy.

Our custom software helps you get more done in less time. With automated processes, you can increase your team’s productivity and accomplish more in a shorter amount of time. This can help you scale your business and take on more clients or customers.

Improved customer service can be achieved with custom software features like automated email responses and online chat which allows you to give customers with the support they need, when they need it.

Overall custom software gives you a competitive advantage, more efficient processes, better data management, and increased productivity so you can outperform your competition and provide a better customer experience.